Situation: Your product development has progressed very well, and you are close to economic viability.  You need to fine tune the product, build out production capabilities, and begin sales and business development efforts.

Problem: You have about six months of runway left, and you project you need about eighteen months to be fully ready for market.  You also know that the accounting and finance side of your business has been ad-hoc to date.

Implication: You are in danger of shut down at the exact moment you are about ready to break out, and you don't have the administrative capacity to handle preparing for the demands of growth and the demands of new investors.

Need: You need to continue your focus on product and market, but you also need to pay serious attention to building out a professional accounting and finance support structure.

You are ready for a Series B round, and ANV Team knows how to build financial projections that can tie investor requirements directly to operational planning.  ANV Team has been through this part of the company life cycle and also knows how build highly effective, operationally integrated, accounting and finance systems.