Situation: You’ve just passed the $2 million in annual revenue mark.

Problem: Financial reporting is inconsistent in both timing and content.

Implication: Investors and lenders get very nervous about inconsistent financial reports, and management decision making is more difficult, too.

Need: Strong accounting and control processes.

In the early stages of your company's life cycle, it's likely that stakeholders were ok with incomplete and sporadic financial reporting.  During that period the focus, rightfully, is on product and market development.  Once your have revenue traction, you'll need to tell your story with consistency and frequency.  Your investors want to participate, perhaps vicariously, in your success and they do that through financial reports.  And surprises are not really welcome.  ANV Team has the experience needed to build strong accounting and control processes that will allow you, and your stakeholders, to really trust the financial reports that translate your business success to a commonly understood language.