Situation: You have done very well and are approaching cash flow break even.  You need one more fund raise to support the marketing efforts needed to reach sustainability.

Problem: You are not sure your corporate documentation is in order.

Implication: If you have gaps, omissions, or errors in your corporate documentation, you are at serious risk of “shut down”.

Need: Audit of all corporate documentation..

Cash Flow Breakeven (CFBE) is an exciting milestone for entrepreneurs.  It establishes both the validity of your vision and the effectiveness of your leadership.  Often times, getting to CFBE requires one last major push with an emphasis on sales and marketing.  Obtaining the funds needed for this last push is difficult enough, and can become exasperatingly difficult if your documentation is not in order.  Talk about the tail wagging the dog.  And you won't get a second chance if you don't get it right the first time.  ANV Team has loads of experience in closing fund raising deals, and knows what to look for and what questions to anticipate.  Don't let your progress to CFBE get derailed because of "paperwork" issues.